usage guide

Equipment usage guide

All the equipment of the Smart Optical Innovation Business (ICO) is open to trainees 24 hours a day and can be booked online.

Equipment use procedures

  1. Membership
    • Membership registration is required for new users.
    • First time users of the equipment need to complete certain training.
      (Basic Training): Training on how to use the center and safety/security procedure
      (Equipment training): Education on basic operation methods for using the equipment
  2. Advance booking
    • Equipment reservation: The equipment user shall check the reservation
      time and then [reserve].
      Select time: The user can make a reservation every hour.
    • Cancellation of reservation: Reservation can be canceled at least 1 hour before the reserved time.
  3. Equipment use
    • Use the equipment for a set time.
    • Transmit and save the result data
    • Leave the center after preparing the records utilized
  4. Payment for use
    • Issuance of tax invoice: An electronic tax invoice will be issued to the user's e-mail.
    • Card payment: When visiting the center, pay directly by card.
    • Refund regulation: Please call 1 day prior to the date of use (042-939-4831)