Equipment and infrastructure support

  • 01 Purpose

    | Supports rental and utilization of expensive equipment that is difficult for a single company to purchase.

  • 02 Support details

    | Ultra-precision processing equipment, measurement/evaluation equipment, design software

  • 03

    Only those who have completed training can directly use equipment and infrastructure (24 hours open)

  • 04

    Support design, processing, measurement / evaluation

Optical design

Optical design for visible light and ultraviolet and infrared areas, spherical and non-corrosive surfaces, and free-form optical design

  • [ThinkPlate Design Program]
  • [CATIA Optical Design Program]

High accuracy machining

Non-placeable, ultra-precise grinding and cutting

  • High Precision Vertical Machine
    (UVM-700C, Toshiba)
  • High Precision 5-axis Machine
    (M2, Hwacheon)
  • Ultra-precision Freemfrom Machining  System
    (Nanoform-X, Precitech)
  • Ultra precision CNC grinding  Machine
    (PG4, Cobron)
  • MRF freeform surface finishing  system
    (Q-flex 300, QED)
  • Ultra-Precision Nano Machine
    (ROBONANO α-nmia, Fanac)

Measurement and assessment

Performance Evaluation of Optical Fiber Optic System for Visual Light and Ultraviolet Radiation

  • Aspheric3DProfilometer
    (UA3P-400T, Panasonic)
  • 3D optical surface profile
    (NewView 8300, Zygo)
  • 3D measuring laser microscope
    (OLS5000-LAF, Olympus)
  • Transmitted wavefront error measuring system
    (FizCam2000, 4D technology)
  • Ultra-Precision final inspection  system
    (OptiCentric MAX, Trioptics)
  • Broadband MTF Tester
    (OpTestTM, Optikos)